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Elixir North is a Leeds based user group around Elixir and the wider BEAM ecosystem. Come along to meet some awesome people, grab a beer and some pizza and learn something new.

This is the first Elixir North and to kick things off we’ll be hearing about GenStage from Claudio Ortolina of Erlang Solutions.

GenStage in the Kitchen

GenStage is the Elixir core team’s effort to provide a set of flexible, composable primitives for concurrent, demand-driven event processing.

Our use case is a restaurant simulation, with tables placing orders, a waiter, a chef and a line of cooks ready to prepare dishes.

In the talk, we would map GenStage’s core concepts to constraints in our restaurant simulation and see how our system copes by stressing its different components, isolating some useful principles along the way.

The talk will start at 19:00 but we recommend arriving at 6:45 for some food, drink and networking. After the talk we’ll move on to Headrow House for drinks.

Please note the group is intended for people looking to expand their knowledge in a recruitment free zone. We welcome recruiters who want to learn but have a strict no recruitment policy.


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