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New coworking space available
New coworking space available

We sold out our first phase of the coworking facilities in our Eastgate Tech Hub in Leeds... 🙁

So we opened up some more!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

We couldn't let anyone down, so we've worked day and night to deliver another 15 desks in our coworking facility which is proving really popular.

Our community of coworkers are really active and supportive (fuelled we must say with as much tea and coffee as they can drink!) - so it's a great compliment to them that the desk are proving so popular.

Just let us know if you want to have a look round and see what we have - or alternatively come and work from the hub for a day on one of our FREE taster days.

See you soon!

Tech Off Leeds - Coders vs Creatives
Tech Off Leeds - Coders vs Creatives

Leeds International Festival presents the The Tech Off brought to you by the Techdept supported by Glug Leeds, FutureLabs and Parallax

The Tech Off: Creatives VS Coders

The ‘lovechild of TED talks and WWE wrestling’ attracts over 650 people at its London events. With previous battles taking place at Cannes Lions, Festival of Marketing, and DMX Dublin, the Tech Off next rolls into @SXSW and then Leeds.

Come and cheer on leading speakers from both teams as they give powerful, five minute trash talks (why they love their jobs), with the aim of winning over the gladiatorial crowd – who then chooses the winner! The champ takes away The Tech Off Wrestling Belt Of Digital Glory… (not an actual belt FYI).

Who will win the popular vote? The Creatives? Or the Coders?

Grab your tickets to watch the battle!